Dr. Sarah Probst Miller

Early in her career as a pig veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Probst Miller realized she could not make a difference in the lives of animals without educating folks on-farm and motivating behavioral change in people. How do you stimulate a new electrical connection in a human’s brain that motivates action? How do we ensure knowledge is not just in our heads but in our hands and alive on farm as well?

After exploring the science underlying these questions, Probst Miller founded AgCreate Solutions, Inc., a company focused on creating innovative learning and marketing experiences. AgCreate Solutions has created and delivered immersive learning experiences across many species that implement a “See it. Do it. Teach it.” concept.

Through AgCreate, Probst Miller and her colleagues create videos, imagine and design immersive e-learning experiences, develop websites, design logos, coordinate photo shoots, train future leaders and more!  Probst Miller and her AgCreate colleagues have created hundreds of learning experience for the pork, dairy, aqua, beef, and veterinary world.

Probst Miller also founded Agrischool Pty Ltd which delivers online training to the ag industry. Its #1 product is Pork Avenue Training Portal which has over 170 learning experiences in English and Spanish across all aspects of pork production. Not only is it a library of lessons, it is an online training record keeping system. Pork Avenue is used by hundreds of farms around the world to train staff.

Probst Miller also enjoys speaking on a variety of people management subjects including Applying the Science of How Adults Learn, Assessing your Welfare Competencies, and other team building and leadership development topics.  She has coordinated educational seminars and competency certification programs throughout North America, and her work has also led her team to China, Japan, Australia, Europe, Brazil, and other parts of the world.

Dr. Sarah Probst Miller grew up on a pig farm in Sigel, IL. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University (where she was captain of her Division 1 basketball team her Jr. and Sr. year). She completed her DVM at the University of Illinois in 2001 and earned an Executive Veterinary Program certificate in 2009.

Dr. Sarah has served as an on-farm pig vet for over 20 years. She still serves pig farms around the world as an on-farm training and leadership development consultant. She loves putting on her veterinary hat when asked and enjoys working alongside veterinary teams to coordinate training with their veterinary consulting work.

Sarah enjoys reading, writing, and playing the piano.

For more information, check out AgCreate’s website at www.agcreate.com or Pork Avenue Training Portal www.porkavenuetraining.com.